UI is home to Blue Waters

Published 03/28 2013 04:15PM

Updated 03/28 2013 06:08PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- The UI is celebrating the debut of the largest and fastest supercomputer at any university in the world. It's called "Blue Waters" and it's right on campus. It's finally working at full speed.

Imagine multiplying two numbers together every second. It would take you 32-million years to do. Blue Waters can handle quadrillions of calculations every second. That's how powerful it is.

Governor Quinn says it's in just the right spot. Blue Waters will help with science and engineering projects, including forecasting severe weather and advancing medical technology.

The computer has technically been working on a smaller scale since last year, but this month, it's up to full speed. Scientists can use it 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, every day of the year.

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