UI smoking ban postponed

Published 04/30 2013 08:32PM

Updated 05/01 2013 09:39AM

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA -- UI students and staff will be able to light up for the rest of the year. A smoke-free campus initiative was supposed to start this November, but now faculty have decided to postpone that change.

Originally the smoking ban was set to begin at the end of November, just weeks before final exams. Faculty says taking away cigarettes would just add to stress students are already dealing with.

Now, the ban will begin in January. Committees who voted to create the smoke-free campus say it'll be a new change with a new semester and a fresh start. They didn't want students being able to smoke at one tailgate and game and not able to at the next. Student smokers say they don't think they ban is going to work anyway.

"I think a lot of people would ignore it to be honest with you. I would ignore it. I think it's going to be hard to enforce something like that," student Jordan Wojzik said.

If students don't follow the no smoking policy in January, they will face consequences. This not only will affect students, but staff too. Anyone who lights up will face punishment of some sort. The committees are still deciding exactly what that will be.

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