UI & Troyer agree to resignation

Published 07/03 2012 02:38PM

Updated 07/03 2012 06:39PM


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- The woman at the center U of I's recent e-mail scandal is stepping down. Lisa Troyer will resign from her job as a psychology professor August 15th. We talked with a U of I professor today who says it's a not surprise this happened based on Troyer's rocky relationship with the university.

Troyer used to be the chief of staff for former university president Michael Hogan. She stepped down in January after being investigated for sending anonymous emails. The investigation into the emails found that they were written and sent from her laptop, but she denied doing either.

The e-mails were meant to sway a faculty decision regarding enrollment at all three campuses. The scandal led to about a hundred faculty members asking for Hogan to step down. One of whom was former campus faculty association president Harriet Murav.

She says this recent move proves their voice made a difference. "The actions of Campus Faculty Association played a key role," said Murav. "And I think that we've shown that when we stand together in a concerted way, we can affect change at the university." Hogan eventually resigned in March. New president Robert Easter took over the job Monday. Troyer won't be leaving her job empty handed. The university will give her $175,000 in severance pay.


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Professor Lisa Troyer is parting ways with the UI. Troyer's resignation from her tenured faculty appointment in the Department of Psychology takes effect August 15.

University officials agreed to pay Troyer $175,000 as severance. In January, Troyer resigned from her position as the UI President's Chief of Staff.

An investigation found several controversial emails sent from her personal computer. She maintains she "did not write or send" those emails.

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