Unemployment numbers go up in one place

By Anna Carrera

Published 03/14 2014 06:22PM

Updated 03/18 2014 11:15AM

VERMILION COUNTY -- The state released its latest unemployment numbers. Danville was the only region in Illinois with higher numbers this year than last. They're up to 12.5%. People who live around there say it's tough to find a job, but we found some who say they were willing to do whatever it takes to earn a paycheck.

You don't need statistics to tell you times are tough around Vermilion County.

"I lived in Crawfordsville for about six months and I couldn't find a job at all," said Justyce Amble, who works at Schroeder's in Danville. "Couldn't find a job anywhere. And I moved here and it took me about four months to find this job."

She started working at Schroeder's almost a month ago. She loves it. And she's not the only one.

"I'm going on 21 years now and I haven't missed a day," said general manager Mike Shade.

Shade says in that time, he's seen a lot of change around his city.

"As far as factories, this is no place to be," said Shade.

Without those factory jobs, the unemployment rate has been struggling. It was up to 11.9% last January and even higher now. The second largest industry in Vermilion County is food services.

"People are basically taking what they can get," said Shade. "And when they get whatever it is, they keep it."

Shade says when people come to Schroeder's, they usually stay.

"I've had high school kids stay ten years," said Shade. "Instead of leaving and going to college or whatever, they've stayed."

Another industry on the top ten list is general merchandise stores, like ones that have been popping up on the north side of town. Even if a fast food job isn't exactly what some people ordered, they say it pays the bills and that's good enough for now.

"It's a job," said Amble. "You gotta take what you can get. That's how I look at it. If I have a job opportunity to scoop poop, I would do it. I've just got to be able to make money because you've got to live."

Even though Danville's unemployment rate was the only one that didn't drop from last year, it wasn't the highest on the list. Both Decatur and Rockford were at 12.9% in January.

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