Union Protests Don't Put A Hamper On Republican Event

Published 04/19 2012 10:43PM

Updated 04/19 2012 10:54PM

Another day, another protest of another governor.  This time it was Mitch Daniels of Indiana who didn't get the welcome mat.  Thousands of union workers protested his visit.

Their voices were loud and they stood together by the thousands.  Union workers from across Indiana and Illinois upset at Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

"We feel like we're under assault and this is another governor who is assaulting us," protestor Mike Patsche said.

Daniels recently made Indiana a right to work state.  The protestors say it's stomping on the middle class.

"All of these local unions that are present here today are appalled by his presence here," protester Blanca Morales said.

They marched from the Assembly Hall to the Hilton Garden Inn where Daniels was speaking.  The protests outside didn't affect the mood of the Lincoln Day Dinner event.

Mitch Daniels even joked about the protestors.

 "I was really tempted to go out and have a few with them and have a few words and talk to them and I would've told them he your worried for nothing," Daniels said.

He preached a message of lower taxes and smaller government.

"Government never created a job, never created a dollar of wealth," Daniels said.

For the people in the room, the applause silenced the protests.

The Lincoln Day Dinner was the largest ever in Champaign County. Five hundred people were in attendance.

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