Unit 4 OK's more high tech for district

Published 02/25 2013 10:27PM

Updated 02/26 2013 10:40AM

Update: 10:27 pm
CHAMPAIGN -- The Unit 4 school district is going forward with some high tech improvements. The board voted Monday night to add wireless internet to all of its schools. It will cost around $765,000.

That money comes from a tax hike last year. The project will put all school computers and smart-boards on the same network. It should also help when the district sends out security alerts.

Original: 5:57 pm

CHAMPAIGN -- School District Unit #4 is looking into a digital makeover. Board members will decide Monday night if they want to get wireless internet for the entire district.

It means all the classrooms, schools, computers and smart-boards would be on the same network and system. Several schools don't have the wireless technology, so it would be a step up for those students and teachers.

Currently, there are more than 500 i Pads used in the city's schools. All the elementary schools also use net-books. If approved, the project would cost about $765,000.

That money would come from the working cash board the district approved earlier this month. A uniform wireless system would also make it easier for the district to manage when it comes to security, both in monitoring and sending out alerts.

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