Unit 4 plans on new discipline procedure

Published 04/09 2013 06:06PM

Updated 04/09 2013 06:11PM

CHAMPAIGN -- The school district is looking for new ways to help students. Starting next year, leaders want to change the district's disciplinary system by getting rid of out-of-school suspension.

Leaders talked to students given out-of-school suspensions and discovered it was really like a day off. Students would sleep in or go to the mall. That's why Unit 4 is launching a new disciplinary program.

Instead of staying home, the students would get one-on-one attention. If they were suspended for a fight, they'd get time to work with counselors on anger management or talking things out.

They'd also have access to people who could help with homework or classwork. The idea is to find out why a student is acting out, because the current process wasn't working.

The program will cost $20,000 to cover transportation for the students and class materials. If the school board approves it, it will start next school year.

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