Unusual marker commemorates son's life

Published 07/12 2013 10:23PM

Updated 07/15 2013 02:35PM

 HANCOCK COUNTY -- An Illinois family is helping their son stay true to himself even in death. Gavin Roskamp died in a car accident two years ago and now his family is remembering him with a special headstone. Megan Townley has more.

When he died in 2011, it was important to his family that he be remembered for the person he was.

"He was fun-loving and he really did live every day to its fullest. We're just trying to remember to do that ourselves now, as hard as that is, as the parents of a child who left us too soon. It's important to continue to move forward and try to live the life he would have lived."

Gavin's headstone replicates an iPod, complete with docking station. To commemorate different milestones in his life, apps were added such as his baptism, prom and relations to his family.

"It's been a lot of fun to just show the technology that was important to Gavin. He did a lot of YouTube videos and it was always technology. He was definitely headed that way and Steve Jobs was a huge impact on his life."

The lead designer for the project says he knew when talking to the family that this headstone was going to be unique, yet capture many of the special moments in Gavin's life.

"When you have a monument, you have a dash, and there's even a poem written about the dash. That's your life. Here's when you're born, and here's when you died and it's not about that. It's about what happened in the middle, so that little dash, this monument, it taking that dash and expanding it. It's the macro and the micro of the dash; the view of the dash."

The headstone also has a QR code visitors with a smartphone can access. After scanning the code, users are taken to a website where they can look back on Gavin's interests and life.

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