Unusual roundup along an Illinois road

By Anna Carrera

Published 10/03 2013 06:10PM

Updated 10/03 2013 07:02PM

VERMILION COUNTY -- Half a dozen cattle are wandering somewhere north of I-74. Now people are keeping their eyes peeled for the missing animals. This comes after a truck carrying 60 head of cattle hit the median and flipped on the highway Wednesday. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more on the search.

Workers with Vermilion County's Animal Shelter spotted six Wednesday night. It's been tricky tracking them down, but they're not giving up yet.

If you wanted to find cows, the woods near a busy interstate probably wouldn't be your first stop. But that's where the cows are.

The overgrown paths didn't deter searchers like David Tyas from looking. 

"You just look for the trails where they went through," said Tyas. "Check any large open areas because that's where they're going to bed down in."

Since he's in charge of Vermilion County's Animal Control, Tyas just wants to get in control of the situation.

"Once we get to the top of the hill, I might be able to look over somewhere and be able to spot one," said Tyas. 

Tyas says the animals are probably in shock after the crash.

"Cattle don't move that fast," said Tyas, "but if they get spooked, coyote or something, they can get up to speed."

With a lot of ground to cover, there were finally a few clues. Then a little further down the path, Tyas spotted two of the cows.

"I just saw the droppings right up here," said Tyas. "I knew they were heading this direction and it looked pretty fresh, so I knew they had to be around here somewhere."

Finding a couple of cattle is one thing. Getting them to go where they need to be is another, but the workers are up for the challenge.

On Thursday afternoon, they were working on getting two cattle into a pen. Four more black Angus cows are still on the loose. If you see them out and and about, you should call Vermilion County authorities.

Those cows have tied up traffic twice along I-74. The first crash happened early Wednesday morning. That's when the truck tipped over and the cattle got loose.

Then, a different semi hit a cow along the same stretch of I-74 Wednesday night. Seven cows which were on or near the road had to be put down. County leaders say that's because they were a safety risk to drivers.

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