Upgrades to 911 center

Published 11/14 2012 04:34PM

Updated 11/14 2012 05:58PM

DECATUR -- Officials are upgrading the city's 911 dispatch system. They say the new program will make emergency responses more efficient. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels shows us how it works.

Every time someone dials 911, operators never know what kind of call they'll answer. But, a new system is making the unknown a little easier to handle.

"You don't have to worry about if you're asking the wrong question or questions out of order."

The program takes dispatchers through every scenario step-by-step. So, expect a few more questions if you ever have to call.

"Now, we're staying on the phone longer and giving birthing instructions and CPR."

It even has dialogue written out and a timer to help during things like CPR. It's a big step up from these, flip-books with only basic instructions. That's what they've had here until now.

"With the cards, we had to follow everything through, but with this, all you have to do is click and point."

The dispatchers say it will be easier to use during high-pressure calls, and that means keeping you safer. City officials say, even though you'll be on the phone longer with 911, the time it takes emergency responders to get to you will stay the same, plus they'll have more information about what's going on when they get there.

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