Urbana Dog Park Safety Concerns

Published 02/08 2012 01:00PM

Updated 02/08 2012 06:35PM

    The Urbana Park District wants members to remember the rules before bringing their dog to the dog park.  They've received a number of reports lately that small children are also visiting the park and that is against the rules.
    Terry Prinn and his dog Scout have been going to the park for about seven years.  Prinn says the rules are fairly easy to remember and once you know them, its hard to forget.  But some people do.     
    The Park District says people having been bringing their young children along with their dog.
    Tim Bartlett is the Superintendent of Planning and Operations at the Urbana Park District. He tells us, "We have to remember that this is really a park for the dogs and we're just always concerned that if there's a baby or a stroller or a toddler, they could actually by jumped on or knocked over accidentally by a dog."
    The rules say children under the age 16 have to be accompanied by an adult but if they are under the age of six, they're not allowed in the park at all.
    If the Park District catches someone breaking these rules, they first give a gentle reminder.  If that doesn't work, they could suspend membership.
    If you need a refresher when it comes to all the rules at the Urbana Dog Park, the Park District is holding an Open House and Membership Welcome event on Saturday, February 11th at 10:00am.  It is being held at the dog park located at 1501 E. Perkins Road in Urbana.

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