Voters share common goals despite politics

By Alex Davis |

Published 10/31 2013 01:07PM

Updated 10/31 2013 01:13PM

SPRINGFIELD -- In politics, the most important issue can be a "matter of opinion." But, a new survey finds what voters want in Illinois may be the same thing. Republican or Democrat, voters seem to agree there are a few things worth talking about. WCIA-3's Alex Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

No matter how people vote, there are a few topics taxpayers agree on. One-thousand Illinois residents were asked what they care about most. Employment is number one.

"We should be investing in education, especially now that people are out of work. Education is that much more important to getting a good job."

Education is number two.

"They should have more programs helping people get a job if they are unemployed like workforce training and stuff like that."

To 23-year old Jessica Perkins, who takes the bus to Lawrence Education Center everyday, education is the most important to her.

"They should be spending more money on education and healthcare."

Still, Perkins thinks she should have the chance to be heard.

"More people should get involved. A lot of people lost interest in our government."

The study underscores the need for lawmakers to listen to taxpayers.

"The general population is their constituency and if they aren't following what the people voted for, then I think that's wrong."

Saying the spending process could improve with more say from the public.

"We need to be more involved here. I see a lot of complaining about how the government is run here, how we're not getting funds where it needs to be. Yet no one's really standing up to do anything about it."

To read the full report on what taxpayers care most about, click here.

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