Warm Weather Means Sharing the Roads

Published 03/19 2012 05:15PM

Updated 03/19 2012 05:45PM

    The warm temperatures mean drivers need to start sharing more of the road. Motorcycle riders are out and about much earlier in the season than typical years, and it might be catching others off guard.    
    There was some evidence of that just this last weekend. Two motorcyclists were killed in two separate accidents. One of which involved another driver who told police he didn't see the bike coming, even after looking both ways.
    WCIA-3 News spoke with Abate member, Deanna Zehr. She says riders typically hit the streets when temperatures reach 40-degress. That means they've already been riding since last month. She suggests drivers should view them as family members, and that the rider could easily be someone they know.
    She also says with the way the weather has been going, get ready to see even more of them. Zehr says the same way drivers get used to handling their cars in winter, motorcyclists need time to get back in the groove with their bikes. That's another reason everyone on the road needs to be on their toes these first few warm weeks.
    If you need any more evidence riders are out early, Abate hosts its Awareness Rally in April, also known as Motorcycle Awareness Month. But, with these temperatures, Zehr says awareness clearly needs to be spreading right now.

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