Water is the result of warmer weather

By Alex Davis | adavis@wcia.com

Published 02/18 2014 10:53AM

Updated 02/18 2014 10:58AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Many streets are bogged down with thawing snow and ice, but as WCIA-3's Alex Davis shows us, the Public Works Department is trying to stay one step ahead of flooding.

"It's just a lot of work. A lot of pushing."

The complaints are staring to sound like a broken record.

"It's just going to be a rough few days here. Very sloppy."

Anyone forced to brave the outdoors, knows all too well, the hassle ice and snow can be.

"It's just an inconvenience. You know, bad weather."

This winter has been one of the worst many of us have ever seen.

"Last year, we each went out a couple of times. This year, we've been out almost every week. This is the worst one so far."

Monday, many Central Illinois communities got a little help from rising temperatures. Thawing gave plows a chance to scrape even closer to the pavement.

"Our biggest asset has really been the warmer temperatures. The warmer temperatures have stayed up so we've seen a lot of melting off."

Trucks pushed muck to nearby curbs and gutters creating a different problem.

"It's going to be a sloppy mess out there, especially on a lot of the side streets and residential areas."

All that watery mush is expected to re-freeze, then melt, then freeze again throughout the coming days.

"Safety is priority number one, so whatever it takes to get it done is what we'll do."

Up next, communities will have to cope with more flooding, keeping curbs and gutters clear and filling potholes. The Public Works Department covers some 625 miles of roadway. The winter has been so hard on the city, it's already gone over its $300,000 overtime budget for the year.

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