Water main break breaks plans

Published 08/08 2012 06:29PM

Updated 08/09 2012 10:46AM

RANTOUL -- This mom had a big curve-ball thrown at her today. A water main break forced her son's daycare to close.

Two pipes burst Tuesday night about 8:00 pm. It cut off the water supply for most of the community.

The water is back on, but one area remains under a boil order. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has our Drought Watch coverage.

This daycare had no water Wednesday morning. The owner turned on a faucet, but nothing came out. She had to send 150-kids home, forcing parents to find a new plan for the day.

"Without this daycare I wouldn't have been able to finish college." Jamiia Cooper has been bringing her son to Little Wings Learning Center every day for the past four years. "It's been really important; made a better life for us."

To say her schedule is hectic, would be an understatement.

"His dad died when he was 2 and a half. I moved over here from Danville and I'd bring him and drive to Eastern three days a week. I have two jobs and they kept him the whole day."

But, not today. Instead, Cooper and 150-other parents saw this sign.

"It puts us in a situation; a big one. They probably have to call in from work."

Two pipes burst Tuesday and were still leaking lots of water Wednesday morning.

"With no moisture in the ground, there's less movement, so the ground is hard, it's compacted."

Lincoln's Challenge Academy put up signs like these around campus warning people to not drink the water. Crews have been working around the clock to get this fixed, so moms like Cooper can get back to their normal schedules.

Until then, "Call my grandma and say, 'um can you keep him? I have to be at work.'"

Little Wings Learning Center is planning on reopening Thursday morning if Public Works decides the water is potable. Officials say everything should be back to normal by Thursday afternoon.

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