Water main break + construction closes street

Published 03/27 2013 05:01PM

Updated 03/28 2013 01:57PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Crews were already working on Green Street with one lane closed when a water main break forced the road to be blocked off completely. It happened in the 100-block. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out what happened.

Flooding forced crews to close the block completely. Some bus riders found a sign at their usual stop that the bus route was diverted because of the flooding.

"If the Green is their route, they'll get a text telling them the route has been changed."

Crews arrived to find water gushing out of a pothole. Green Street, already a construction zone, was partially flooded.

"Let me say that on Green Street, this is the worst place for this to happen right now because that lane's closed."

The city is working with American Water to fix the problem. The road was closed so crews could find the leak. Until then, drivers and bus riders are making due waiting for the road blocks to come down, so traffic can pick back up.

"Restart service would be quick in this case. It's not a total disruption like it would be if it was at the Illini Union, for example."

Workers aren't sure what caused the break, but said the pipes are old, and it's a problem they see from time-to-time, especially in the winter.

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