Water worries NOT drought-related

Published 11/16 2012 04:59PM

Updated 11/16 2012 06:24PM

DELAND -- Residents in a Piatt County town are concerned their water is unhealthy. WCIA-3's Drew Wilder spoke to people about their water.

People are buzzing about the dirty water pouring from their faucets. Going door-to-door, people complained about the quality of their water, but no one was willing to go on camera.

There is a resounding concern the water is very discolored, and many worry it may be unhealthy. By unhealthy, these are pictures sent to us by one viewer.

The images match descriptions from more than a dozen people. Even a white rag, washed over and over, even in bleach, is now a dirty yellow.

City employee, Chase Woods, who is in charge of the village's water supply, told us over the phone, he'd flushed the system four times earlier in the day. He said everything should be fine by Saturday morning.

When people were asked if they would drink the water, many replied it looked better than it had in days, but they still wouldn't consider drinking it. Woods says the discoloration is due to the age and condition of the pipes and flushing the system should clean the line and fix the problem.


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