Weapon Scare Forces School Lockdown

Published 03/06 2012 10:22PM

Updated 03/06 2012 10:24PM

    A kindergartener's toy put a Decatur school on lock down today. It happened this morning at Brush College Elementary.
    Parents say they were first told a student was carrying a loaded gun. It turns out the student brought in a broken BB gun.
    The school says no one was ever in any danger. The soft lock down was just a precaution.
    District representatives say someone alerted a teacher to the look-alike. She immediately took it from the student and brought it to the principal's office.
    That's when teachers were asked to lock their doors. The district says it didn't want to take any chances even if a staff member had already taken the fake weapon.
    The police are investigating the incident. They say based on the student's age, and what happened, it's unlikely charges would be filed.
    Even though everything turned out okay, parents say it still gave them a scare, especially after the recent shooting in Ohio.

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