Weather making any type of travel a challenge

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 02/06 2014 01:00PM

Updated 02/06 2014 01:05PM

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA -- Getting around town hasn't been easy, but city departments have been working to keep roads clear. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine finds out how people are maneuvering in the latest snow.

Illinois State Police District 10 has handled 28 accidents, assisted 52 motorists and at least three snow plow-related crashes on state highways with a total of 138 weather-related incidents since the storm began Tuesday. In Champaign-Urbana, people have been dealing with it the best they can.

"It can't be snowing again!"

But, it is. For Alora Rahn, it's a bit depressing.

"We were like, 'OK, time to go to work.'"

She soon realized she would be late for work.

"We step into the snow and it's like, boom! your feet just go down. It keeps getting deeper and deeper."

Digging her car out wouldn't be easy.

"I am so tired of this snow. I am so ready for it to be warm, for it to stop snowing. I just can't do this snow anymore."

A little help from her roommate and she's off. Others tried riding their bikes around town, but even that bright idea seemed a bit dim. Students at UI took the old-fashioned approach of getting to class.

"I kind of just start walking if the bus is there, it's there. But, most of the time, it's really crowded and you can't really get a spot, so I think it's just easier to walk from here."

Packs of students wait patiently for the bus, then cram their way inside.

"I'm so tired of it. I can't wait until spring break when it gets a little warmer out and hopefully it clears up soon. Sick of this ice."

People rely on the bus system when the weather is this bad. CUMTD has seen an increase in ridership. Students are a big reason why.

On January 22, more than 70,000 people rode the bus; a new record. A week later, there was about 1,000 more riders. This week's totals are expected to be just as high. MTD says the weather is plying a big part in the increase.

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