Web Extra: Tracking movements

By Dave Benton | dbenton@wcia.com

Published 11/06 2013 12:09PM

Updated 11/06 2013 01:53PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Security camera are helping UI Police solve crimes and keep campus safer. 1,020 cameras have been put up across campus since 2008.

The videos attached to this story highlight some of the cases where video helped police. In the last school year, 28 cases involved video. The footage helped solve 15 of those cases and provided more evidence in another six.

The attached videos were provided by the UI Police Department with the faces of the victims and suspects blocked out because the cases may still be pending in court.

But cameras only cover ten percent of campus. Despite that, investigators have found the cameras are still helpful because suspects sometimes walk by one before or after a crime.

Investigators showed how that works by tracking my movement on campus while shooting this story. The video shows me interviewing students outside the Illini Union Bookstore. Ten minutes later, you see me on 6th and Daniel talking to another student. and at 6th and Green 15 minutes later.

Police say the security cameras aren't the end all to keeping students safe. But they are an important part of their work. And more cameras will likely be added.

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