What Grade is Your School?

Published 01/24 2012 04:16PM

Updated 01/24 2012 05:48PM

    Your children get report cards on how well they're doing in the classroom. Now your child's school will get grades as well. It's all part of a new school performance law. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley is keeping you Connected to the Classroom.
    ''I think anytime you can give more information to parents in our community that's always good.''
    Margaret Stinsin is a math teacher at Riverton High School.
    ''It makes me a little anxious only because sometimes when you see data and statistics on a piece of paper you miss the personal touch, you miss all the extra information."
    She's talking about the state's new School Performance Report Card. The new law requires superintendents to show how well their schools did throughout the year. It'll cover everything from specific notes from the principal to how well students are progressing. Some teachers like the idea, but Stinsin is on the fence.
    "It could be hard to interpret how well students are doing in the classroom, when all you see is a number or certain statistics.''
    Quinn hopes this will help students get a better education. But, Stinsin has a different idea.
    ''Allow parents to come in and talk to people based upon that so they just don't get the numbers but they also get all of the emotion and the care and concern behind it.''
    Her students think the new law will improve their future.
    ''My mom will be really happy. She likes to know what's going on in our school.''
    "It's going to create more competition between the schools and probably better the education for all of our futures.''
    The performance cards will be required starting next year in schools around the state.

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