Woman helps other mothers' dreams come true

Published 04/07 2013 09:29PM

Updated 04/08 2013 11:59AM

CHAMPAIGN -- A woman is giving back to help others in our community. Cathy Garner was a resident at the Center for Women in Transition. It's a group which helped her get back on track.

Now she wants to help other women do the same. Garner has two daughters but she never had a baby shower. Sunday, she did. Guests brought gifts, but not for her. Instead, they were for all the moms at the center who wouldn't be able to have one either.

Years ago, Garner's skies were dark. She was stuck in an abusive relationship and battling addiction.

"I didn't have much of a family-base because of my alcoholism," said Garner. "So when I was having babies, I never had a baby shower and I didn't really know a lot of people."

She dreamed of a better life and it really did come true.

"So when I started going to their baby showers, I was like, 'oh this is how it's done,'" said Garner.

So, somewhere over the rainbow, she came up with the idea for a baby shower. People from the community donated gifts and money for mothers at the Center for Women in Transition.

"Lets celebrate spring and celebrate moms and babies and new life and all the wonderful things that can happen when people are able to get stable and get the support," said Mary Wallace, fundraising and volunteer coordinator for the Center for Women in Transition.

The plan is to help rescue families and show them a better path.

"It's great seeing how many other people are touched by that and how much they can touch one person or a million people's lives," said Garner's daughter, Felicia Ceaser.

Lives like Garner's that will never be the same -- in a way she once could only imagine.

"Now that I'm able to be with my daughters and love them and be a part of their lives, it's amazing," said Garner. "It's a journey beyond my wildest dreams and we keep hoping that each day gets better."

The center helps more than 150 women each year. If you want to give items to women there, you can drop them off at 508 E. Church Street in Champaign. You can also click on this link to find out how you can send donations.

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