Woman is banned from her gym

Published 09/18 2012 10:22PM

Updated 09/19 2012 09:57AM

URBANA -- A woman is banned from her gym after posting on its Facebook page. Teri McCarthy has been working out at Charter Fitness for more than six years.

For the past few months, she noticed something wrong with the air conditioner. She wrote on the gym's Facebook page to get them to fix it.

"Going into the gym at 5:30 in the morning it was as hot as 77 degrees," said McCarthy.

The owner then gave her a call.

"I got another message saying, 'please call me before you try to come back into the gym,'" said McCarthy.

But she wouldn't be able too. The owner took away her membership.

"I want Charter to succeed but I don't want it to succeed by abusing its customers, abusing Urbana citizens," said Alderman Eric Jakobbson.

He also works out at Charter Fitness. He's stepping up to fight for McCarthy.

"Strongly recommend to management that they apologize to Teri and reinstate her and also fix the temperature problem," said Jakobbson.

"I would really like to have my membership back and just work out," said McCarthy.

Our calls to the owner were not returned.

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