Woman meets "angels" who saved her life

Published 08/07 2013 07:50PM

Updated 08/08 2013 10:35AM

PONTIAC -- Decades after she nearly died, a woman is reunited with the people who saved her life. Lisa Diaz is back home to thank first-responders who rescued her from a creek 24 years ago. She crashed her van and was pinned underwater for several minutes. No one knew if she would live.

Diaz never saw her rescuers face-to-face until this week. She calls them her "angels" because they gave her a second chance at life.

"Sometimes it's surreal to me you know to think that I was dead when they found me. I mean had no life signs at all and to think they were able to save me and get me to safety."

Retired firefighter Darrel Shoop was one of the first-responders on the scene.

"A few calls remain with you. Some of them you forget about. This is one of the calls that I will remember for probably the rest of my life."

Diaz also returned to the spot of the crash. She's currently lives in Arizona and is writing a book about her experience.

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