Woman ready to move into new home

By Anna Carrera

Published 05/21 2014 05:38PM

Updated 05/22 2014 09:26AM

URBANA -- A woman and her daughter have a new home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. If there's really no place like home, Diane Sexton would know. After all, she watched hers get built right before her eyes.

"This is the piece of the puzzle that was missing, so I'm piecing it all together," said Sexton. "It started with a foundation. And with the foundation, it came up and up and up. It was awesome. It was beautiful."

Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity started in November.

"Over 2,000 hours of volunteer labor," said Habitat for Humanity executive director Shiela Dodd. "Diane's put a lot of time in the building herself. She's been here every other Saturday working."

"I've never seen anyone just come in that doesn't know you and you don't know them and just put all their hard work into pleasing somebody that they don't know," said Sexton.

From the carpet to the kitchen sink, everything was made just for her.

"This is so awesome to me," said Sexton. "It's just something I never dreamed, but it happened."

Since the day they started, Sexton spent six months wondering what her dream home would be like.

"I came almost every day," said Sexton. "I watered the grass, came in and looked through the window, and just said, 'where am I going to put this?' And, 'what am I going to do with that?' I love it."

Now she can spend the rest of her time dreaming from inside.

"I feel like it's finally done and we're there," said Sexton.

Sexton says she's most excited to start decorating. She's also looking forward to some peace and quiet in her new home.

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