Woman sues for injuries; officer charged with felony

Published 10/11 2013 02:20PM

Updated 10/31 2013 06:44PM

Update: 5:21 pm, 10/31/13, Thursday
SKOKIE -- A northern Illinois police officer faces felony charges. A DUI suspect sued the Skokie Police Department for police brutality.

She had security video of her being thrown into a cell. The woman suffered facial fractures.

The officer pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery and misconduct. The State's Attorney says she's confident she's doing the right thing.

The officer is a 19-year veteran. His attorney says the entire video shows why his client did what he did.
Original: 2:20 pm, 10/11/13, Friday
SKOKIE -- A woman is suing a county jail. She claims a police officer seriously injured her after a DUI arrest in March.

It happened in the Chicago suburb of Skokie. The incident was recorded on surveillance video.

The victim says some of the bones in her face were shattered after she was shoved head-first into a cell. In the video, you can see her head hit the edge of a concrete bench. She then slumps over on the ground.

Because of the injuries she sustained, she says she had to have facial reconstruction surgery.

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