Workers' Compensation Audited

Published 04/26 2012 11:17AM

Updated 04/26 2012 11:21AM

SPRINGFIELD -- The State Auditor released his latest report on the worker's compensation program, and it's getting a bad review. He says lawmakers need to work together to fix the broken system.
    William Holland says the program doesn't have enough oversight. His report found, in some cases, workers' medical records weren't being checked to determine if they were actually hurt on the job.
    But, that's not all. It also noticed there aren't really any policies in place to spot fraud. The state has paid nearly $300 million between 2007-2010. More than 26,000 cases were filed during that time.
    Holland says something needs to be done to reform the program. Representative Adam Brown (R-Decatur) agrees.
    The report also found adjustors receiving claims each had more than 1,500 caseloads. They're supposed to have no more than 250 at a time.
    Holland says there needs to be an increase in staffing. Lawmakers passed a bill last year attempting to address some of these issues. But, Representative Brown says it obviously wasn't enough.

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