Young screenwriters recognized in Pens to Lens

Published 05/03 2013 10:08PM

Updated 05/06 2013 04:05PM

CHAMPAIGN -- A movie was filmed in town Friday. It was part of the screenwriting competition called Pens to Lens. The Champaign-Urbana Film Society created the idea. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

In January, kids K-12 were asked to write an original screenplay. More than 100 did and now nine of them are being turned into short films. Here's the scene; a boy and girl, both 5-years old, searching for snow.

"They're trying to dig a tunnel to go to Greenland to see snow in the summertime."

An original screenplay written by 17-year old Ruth Chung.

"I like to write just in general. Usually I don't do screenplays. I just do regular writings, but I thought this might be a cool opportunity."

She entered the Pens to Lens competition after her English teacher suggested it. Now she's seeing her writing come to life.

"I really did no think that it would happen to me, so I think it's really cool."

"I read this script and it was just absolutely mind-boggling, so good. It was even better than scripts I've seen adults write."

Anne Lukeman is the director of the film and part of Champaign Movie Makers.

"We want to help build the film community, starting with kids all the way on up."

It's a community unknown to some. But Ruth and her friends could change that.

"We have a really strong group of community filmmakers. It's great to kind of spread that love and spread that knowledge and spread that interest back to a younger age group."

"I think it will be cool to see all the movies and obviously to see the movie on screen to see like the characters actually come to life."

All the short films will be aired at a red-carpet-like gala at the end of the month. Awards will be given out for best writing, similar to the Oscars.

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