Zero energy home

Published 10/06 2012 05:52PM

Updated 10/08 2012 11:59AM

URBANA -- A homeowner is trying to teach others how to save by going green. He hosted an open house at his zero-energy home Saturday.

The owner installed solar panels in the back yard to collect energy which can be use throughout the home. He said he used to pay upwards of $100 a month in energy bills, but now he pays less than $18 a month.

"With the cost of energy going up, I expect it will become more popular," said Bill Fabian, who owns Midstate Renewable Energy. "Right now, as a result of the economy, it's a little touch-and-go for most homeowners, but overall I think there will be improvements."

More tips others can try: the home also had specially insulated walls to be more energy-efficient. And when the house makes more energy than it uses, the homeowner can get credit to use later.

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