Township sues school district

Published 10/10 2012 04:31PM

Updated 10/11 2012 09:26AM

URBANA -- A Champaign County township is suing the Urbana School District. It's all part of a lawsuit about Carle's tax status from 2004. This is just another part of an ongoing battle.

The Urbana School District and Cunningham Township are facing off in this debate. Township leaders asked the district for financial records involved in the Carle case. District officials sent dozens of partially blacked-out pages but the township administrator said that's not good enough. So the township's lawyer filed a formal complaint in court this week.

A court took away Carle's non-profit status, but company leaders are appealing the decision. Carle had to pay millions in property taxes to groups like the school district because of that ruling. But district leaders say they don't want to spend that money in case they have to give it back.

The Urbana School District's attorney said he hadn't seen this latest complaint so he didn't want to comment. The district got about $10 million from the Carle case. All of that is lying untouched in a bank account until the appeal wraps up.

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