This Holiday Season, consider shopping local!

These days it's so easy to head to the biggest department store while shopping because they promise great deals and discounts for the holidays. And while they do offer some great prices, you could do a lot of good not only for yourself but for the community by shopping local!

Why, you ask?

By shopping local you are keeping your money local which ultimately benefits the community.

Plus local businesses support charity in the community. Studies show that nonprofits recieve 250% more support from small businesses than larger ones.

You're more likely to have a better and convienent shopping experience than a big retail store.

With that, local businesses often has better service overall, taking time to know their customers and having passion for their products or services.

In addition, shopping locally gives you access to expert opinions about the products or services being sold because of the passion local shop-owners have for their business.

It's also cost effective to shop local because businesses are more likely to negotiate their prices leading to better deals!

You can also discover interesting things and people at local stores, some selling interesting products from their own communities if they're from out of town. Plus you can find diverse products and maybe find a new favorite lotion, cookie recipe, or consignment store.

Above all of this, you are investing in local dreams and supporting the future growth of the businesses and by extension, the community! So shopping local is really the gift that keeps on giving!

Shop Local with these Businesses

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