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Central High School location still undecided?

. Latest: 10:04 pm, 6/6/14, Friday CHAMPAIGN -- Residents are urged to attend an upcoming meeting on the new Central High School location. Unit 4 will host

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Central site to remain under wraps

CHAMPAIGN -- A new vote could come in just a few days on a location for the new Central High School. The school board has four sites to choose from

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Another chance to discuss Central location

CHAMPAIGN -- People have another opportunity to weigh on on the new Central High School location Tuesday night. Architects will show layouts

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New Central location remains the same

CHAMPAIGN -- Revisions to the referendum might not be enough to sway all voters. The new Central High School location is still causing some

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Big price difference in new high school locations

to a location for the new Central High School. The board is down to two options; Interstate Drive, north of town, or a more central location at Spalding Park

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Support for district IF location changes

CHAMPAIGN -- A new high school was voted down, but that's not the end of the story. One woman has a plan which just might work. WCIA-3's Maggie

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Central High School's new home to be decided tonight

CHAMPAIGN-- School board members will be voting on Central High School's new location tonight. President Laurie Bonnett tells us what goes

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Exploring options for new Central High

CHAMPAIGN -- School leaders are taking a look at many different details before deciding on a new home for Central High. The school board has been

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Plans for New High School

for a new Central High School. Seven locations are in the running, some are located near developed sub divisions. The current high school was built in 1953

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Board regroups for next step in Central saga

is another issue which rubbed some community members the wrong way. Some believed the proposed location of the new Central High School would be difficult

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