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Central High School location still undecided?

. Latest: 10:04 pm, 6/6/14, Friday CHAMPAIGN -- Residents are urged to attend an upcoming meeting on the new Central High School location. Unit 4 will host

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Central site to remain under wraps

CHAMPAIGN -- A new vote could come in just a few days on a location for the new Central High School. The school board has four sites to choose from

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Another chance to discuss Central location

CHAMPAIGN -- People have another opportunity to weigh on on the new Central High School location Tuesday night. Architects will show layouts

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New Central location remains the same

CHAMPAIGN -- Revisions to the referendum might not be enough to sway all voters. The new Central High School location is still causing some

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Big price difference in new high school locations

to a location for the new Central High School. The board is down to two options; Interstate Drive, north of town, or a more central location at Spalding Park

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Support for district IF location changes

CHAMPAIGN -- A new high school was voted down, but that's not the end of the story. One woman has a plan which just might work. WCIA-3's Maggie

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Unit 4 declines forum invitation

. The group opposing the location of the new Central High School called a press conference Monday. The group is giving the board a deadline to respond

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Group dislikes Central's Olympian Drive location

Library. For almost everyone there, the message was "Keep Central Central." "Everyone is opposed to the idea of locating the school north

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Central High School's new home to be decided tonight

CHAMPAIGN-- School board members will be voting on Central High School's new location tonight. President Laurie Bonnett tells us what goes

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Savoy & signs increase Central controversy

CHAMPAIGN -- The new Central High School and Interstate Drive location continue causing controversy. The people likely to be impacted the most

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