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Man arrested for Valentine's Day shooting

CHAMPAIGN -- A man faces weapons charges for his involvement in a shooting. It happened near Walnut and Washington streets on Valentine's Day

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Most Sports Don't Raise Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis

-Absorbing Shoes: Bad for Knees? Nov. 7, 2011 (Chicago) -- While most sports don't seem to raise the risk of knee arthritis , some sports do seem

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New Immune System Clue to Low Back Pain

inner layer pushes out through a tear in the tough outer layer. The result is often back pain that shoots down your leg, called sciatica . "There appear

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Cymbalta May Relieve Chemo-induced Pain, Tingling

Unleash Immune System to Attack Tumors Cancer Deaths Continue to Fall Cancer Deaths in U.S. Still Dropping June 4, 2012 (Chicago

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Nothin' but Net: East playoff spots up for grabs

be the favorite right now. The Chicago Bulls and their MASH unit will go. The Toronto Raptors haven't looked good in two weeks, but own a 12-game lead

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