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Movement in lawsuit against Rutherford

ILLINOIS -- The sexual harassment case against Treasurer Dan Rutherford is heating up again. Attorneys for the man suing him say a federal judge

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Judge delays decision on Rutherford's case

filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Rutherford denies the allegations and asked for the case to be dismissed. A judge was supposed to rule

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Rutherford backs off releasing investigation results

into his office. One of his former employees filed a federal lawsuit against him this week. He says Rutherford sexually harassed him and forced him to do

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Timing of lawsuit suspicious?

ILLINOIS -- State Treasurer Dan Rutherford will have a long six weeks ahead of him as he tries to battle accusations of sexual harassment just

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Former employee sues Rutherford for sexual harassment, political coercion

in State Treasurer Dan Rutherford's office filed a federal lawsuit Monday, accusing the treasurer of forcing him to do political work on state time

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Shake down scandal raising a ruckus

Latest: 5:05 pm, 2/4/14, Tuesday ILLINOIS -- The state worker behind an allegation against Treasurer Dan Rutherford has resigned. The unnamed

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Accusations resignation letter "leaked"

from the employee behind the accusations against State Treasurer Dan Rutherford. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger keeps us Connected to the Capitol

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