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Legislation could "protect" integrity of higher education

to the case of James Kilgore. Rose first looked to introduce legislation last year after Kilgore was reinstated at UI. The proposal would have penalized

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Kilgore coming back

of Trustees decided James Kilgore could come back. He served time for murder before being hired at UI. His supporters say they're glad he'll be back

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Kilgore pleads his case to BOT

SPRINGFIELD -- The debate continues over whether a University of Illinois professor, who served time, should continue teaching. James Kilgore went

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SLA Inmate Released

James Kilgore will serve his parole in Champaign. He served six years for killing a woman in 1975. Hes now married to a University of Illinois

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Bill designed to keep terrorists off payroll

to prevent universities from hiring someone who's been convicted of conspiring or committing terrorism. The bill is in response to the rehiring of James

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Degree law addresses false pretense

forward. The bill comes after Professor James Kilgore's employment at the university. Kilgore stole a dead child's identity to obtain a degree. The bill

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Colleagues provide support for professor

to save a professor’s job. James Kilgore has been a professor at UI since 2011. His contract wasn’t renewed this year. WCIA-3’3’s

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Chancellor discusses hiring controversy

to the university's decision to let James Kilgore come back to teach after finding out he served time for murder. Then, there's the Steven Salaita case. He

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Consultant suggests closing downtown jail immediately

hundreds of interviews, he's urging the county to close the downtown jail. "I know what it's like being on the other side." James Kilgore spent 6

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San Francisco 49ers 2014 Season Preview

Michael James sustained an elbow injury during camp. Though Alfonso Smith was signed, 2014 second-round pick Hyde has seen the door open to impress early

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