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"Yes Campaign" seeks to reform redistricting

CHAMPAIGN -- An effort is underway to stop politicians from redistricting to their advantage. You still have time to show support for the change

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Simon supports independent redistricting

ILLINOIS -- The state's second-in-command says she supports independent redistricting. Sheila Simon is joining the fight to end corruption

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Redistricting issue ends up in court

ILLINOIS -- Attorneys were in court Monday with efforts to block redistricting initiatives from the November ballot. It all comes after more than

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Group must prove signatures for redistricting are real

. Volunteers who helped collect signatures in Champaign County for redistricting efforts say they're confident they have enough. Diane Wilhite was one of those

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School board member challenges cost of bus service

very fluid. If the referendum passes in November, Unit 4 will likely do some redistricting, changing those numbers once again.

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Ballot amendments lose in lower courts; appeals expected

ILLINOIS -- Amendments to impose term limits on state legislators and reform the redistricting process hit road block in court. Friday, legislative

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Third parties struggle to make ballots

. The deadline is for all candidates as well as for the signature-based ballot questions, including establishing term limits and independent redistricting.

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