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Willow Long's mom arrested

SHELBY COUNTY -- Willow Long's mother, Ciara DeRyke, has been arrested on drug paraphernalia charges. DeRyke's brother, Justin, Willow's uncle

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Community working on park for Willow Long

WATSON -- An Effingham County community is pulling together to remember Willow Long. The 7-year-old was killed last fall. Her neighbors

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Services for Willow

WATSON -- Family members are making arrangements to bury Willow Long with help from the community. There will be a memorial for her at Effingham

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Vigil for Willow

WATSON -- People are putting together a candlelight vigil in Willow's honor. It's Wednesday night, 7 pm, at the Civic Center. Willow's family asks

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Willow's brother in DCFS custody

. The story of Willow Long is making national headlines and it's tearing a local family apart. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has more. Thomas Long moved down south

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Park planned to honor Willow

WATSON -- People in Effingham County have a new plan to honor a 7-year old murder victim. They want to create Willow Park, in memory of Willow Long

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Guilty plea results in sex offender registration

. Justin DeRyke is serving a life sentence in the Stateville Prison for murdering Willow Long. He has no chance of parole, but, according to the Effingham

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Hundreds honor & remember Willow

EFFINGHAM -- 7-year old Willow Long was laid to rest Monday. Her funeral was held at First Baptist Church. Hundreds attended to pay

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Bond reduced for Willow's mom

EFFINGHAM COUNTY -- Willow Long's mother was back in court Thursday. Ciara DeRyke is charged with obstructing the investigation into her daughter

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Friends of Willow create memorial

WATSON -- Willow Long's friends didn't want to wait until Wednesday to honor her, so they made their own memorial Tuesday. It sits in Willow

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