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Our Town's Hometown Hero makes memorial her mission

STEWARDSON -- Usually our Hometown Heroes have served in the military.
STEWARDSON -- Usually our Hometown Heroes have served in the military. This week, a woman who's never actually enlisted is no stranger to serving the veteran community in Our Town.

Around here, when you think of Sandra Friese, military comes to mind. The reason is this beautiful memorial on Main Street and Chestnut.

Three years ago, Friese gathered the community together to build it. On each tablet is the name of a fallen military member from Stewardson. There are currently 854 members on the memorial.

Friese says she has a lot of family members who've served. That's just one reason she decided to take on this project.

Originally, they'd hoped to raise $35,000. But, because of Our Town's rich, military history, the community nearly doubled that and raised more than $60,000.
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