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911 call centers to include transfer system

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois is trying to improve emergency response times in the state.
 SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois is trying to improve emergency response times in the state. A new law would create a transfer system between 911 call centers. The state make it easier for you to get the help you need when you make a 911 call for yourself or someone else.

"It's about safety, it's about efficiently and getting help where it's needed," said Sangamon County Under Sheriff Jack Campbell.

When you call 911 you could be connected to a dispatcher in your home area code; not necessarily where you are when you make the call. If you're calling for another person who needs help outside of your area code, you would need to be transferred.

"Right now the system that's in place does not allow a transfer of a 911 phone call," said Campbell.

Campbell says this sort of system would tie dispatchers county to county making it easier to transfer.

"If you're not in the same county that 911 call goes to a different call center and then they're forced to either transfer you through to a non-emergency line or give you the right phone number to call and again, it's just not very efficient," said Campbell.

The new program will save time, which could mean the difference between life or death in an emergency. Campbell says it's life-saving technology.

"I think technology has really improved things like our cellphone system that's in place really have improved our ability to get to people and for them to call 911 from a scene rather than having to go back to a house," said Campbell.

But this kind of improvement plan will take time, it could be more than a year before it's put in place.

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