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After 10 years of paid leave, professor let go

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- A longtime UI professor is no longer with the university.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- A longtime UI professor is no longer with the university. The Board of Trustees voted to let Louis Wozniak go. He was a tenured professor in the College of Engineering.

He's been under review and on paid leave since 2010 after being accused of sharing private conversations with a student on his public website. After initial review, the university decided he could keep his job as long as he stuck to the privacy policy, but the Board says Wozniak has not been cooperative.

That's why they unanimously voted him out Thursday afternoon. This is the first time trustees have had to take action like this in university history. It's a measure President Easter pushed for, but says he wishes it hadn't had to get to this point.

Wozniak has been a part of the UI faculty since the 1960's. He was also put on paid leave for seven years in the 1990's for a separate incident.

He was unavailable for comment Thursday. In the past, he has said he doesn't think he's done anything wrong.

Wozniak was still paid hundreds of thousands of dollars even though he wasn't teaching. He made about $85,00 a year. It adds up to more than a quarter million dollars for the time he was on leave between 2010 and now.

It doesn't include his pay during the seven years he was banned from the classroom in the 90's. Wozniak will also receive his full pension from the State University Retirement System.
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