Farmer remembered

Farmer remembered

BEMENT -- Hundreds came out to lay a farmer to rest.
BEMENT -- Kyle Hendrix best friend Jake Moore said, "We thought it would be nice to line a few tractors and it got bigger and bigger and ended up bigger than we ever expected."

The 31-year old lost his fight with cancer after more than a year.

"He was a good friend of mine and a long time love of farming and well respected in the community."

Hendrix also owned a trucking company.

Moore says "We knew everybody liked him, but the overall support that we had was overwhelming."

As his best friend, Moore and led the procession in his favorite truck.

"Green and yellow John Deere. He loved it so we thought that was a tribute to him."

They drove to Hendrix' home where his family still lives.

Aaron Hinds, pastor and family friend says, "He was the joy of my life, I mean everybody that talks about Kyle always talks about his smile and he never stopped smiling."

And he remembers seeing him a few days ago.

"When things were really starting to go bad with him, you know I'd walk in and, as bad as things were going, you just had to smile."

At the cemetery 750 balloons were set free from the back of his truck.

"To me, watching all those balloons go up was a simple thing of that is what a small number of what Kyle represents. He's a person you're never going to forget."

It was a small symbol of how Kyle Hendrix affected so many people. He will always be a father, husband, son and of course, a farmer.

"God just must have needed another farmer in heaven."
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