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Business' big heart brightens Christmas for families in need

ATWOOD -- A business is hoping the end to the holidays doesn't mean an end to shopping.
ATWOOD -- When you think about Christmas and giving back, you're probably not thinking about guns but a business manager is proving the three can work together. 

"We started out with just a few families and started raising a little bit of money.  That turned into an auction on Midwest Gun Dealers site on Facebook," said Heath Fleener.  He is the manager at Atwood Guns.

For the past two weeks he raised money to help make Chistmas brighter for families in need but the $4,000 brought in from the auction and donations wasn't enough. 

"I would rather go bankrupt then watch a child not have something for Christmas," said Fleener. 

So he did. 

"Seeing how everybody else had given so much, I just made a pledge that come Christmas morning, the only person who wasn't gonna have something was me," said Fleener. 

He donated $11,000 from his own business to make a benefit dinner a success.  Dozens of families and children came out to eat, visit with Santa and get a little Christmas cheer. 

"My smile has not left my face," said Fleener. 

Proving even with nothing, you have a lot. 

"We look at it like this, we're only blessed by what we do and I don't worry about it.  I know it will come back and I'm glad to go what we do and my bills will be paid.  I don't worry about that," said Fleener. 

Fleener had to use some of his own personal money to fill the cash register today.  He said he plans to do the benefit again next year, but with one change.  He says he'll plan ahead and start raising money sooner. 
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