Class honors Danny's courage

Class honors Danny's courage

CHAMPAIGN -- People are breaking a sweat to honor a boy who died this spring.
CHAMPAIGN -- People are breaking a sweat to honor a boy who died this spring. 10-year old Danny Nardi battled neuroblastoma for almost half his life. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more on the impact of his young life.

The kids in Danny's class miss him so much, they worked to get a street named after him near their school. Now some of the parents are doing what they can to make sure Danny's not forgotten.

It's hard not to feel good when you take care of yourself by going to workout classes. But while they're getting their blood pumping, people in one Champaign class want to help their hearts heal. Many of them knew Danny Nardi before he died. Even now, they still think of him.

"If that little boy can have so much courage, if we could have just ten percent of that courage, it would inspire us to do so many great things," said fitness instructor Melissa Phillips. 

So they came to class with their brightest yellow shirts. By wearing the color, they're raising awareness about childhood cancer. The instructors say when they come together, they learn to be strong. 

"We all try to do the treadmill, but the treadmill's boring," said Phillips. "When you've got someone next to you, pushing you, you think, 'I can do what she's doing.' It's a great feeling to push beyond those barriers."

That strength helps them support each other, even when life's burdens try to weigh them down.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and yellow is the color associated with the movement. People in class say they'll keep Danny in their hearts year-round.

To donate to Danny's Fund, click here.
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