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Concealed-carry compromise heads to governor

SPRINGFIELD -- Concealed-carry may soon be a law in Illinois.
SPRINGFIELD -- Concealed-carry may soon be a law in Illinois. The General Assembly just completely passed a bill this past hour.

A little compromise goes a long way. The deal had many Chicago-area lawmakers on-board.

The old bill would have eliminated all local gun ordinances. This one only eliminates gun ordinances when they have to do with concealed-carry.

It's the same deal; you'll need to be 21-years old or older, pay a $150 fee, and take a 16-hour training course. The bill is said to have the strictest mental health reporting requirements in the country.

It's been a long time coming for some lawmakers who've been working on the issue for years. One of the controversial sticking points is whether or not to allow concealed-carry in bars and restaurants.

The bill would allow concealed firearms in establishments which make 50% or more of their sales in food. But, restaurant owners have the final say whether or not to allow firearms.

The bill now heads to the governor who's indicated he's been on board with plans like this in the past. A court ruling requires Illinois to have a law on the books by June 9.
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