County Board likely to lean left

County Board likely to lean left

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- A lot of new faces are looking to take office.
CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- A lot of new faces are looking to take office. The Circuit Clerk and Auditor races don't have an incumbent, and neither County Clerk candidate has ever been elected to the position.

But, some of the biggest changes to watch for are on the County Board. Because of redistricting, all seats are up for grabs and there are fewer available. There are currently 27 board members, but there will only be 22 after the election because there are now only eleven districts.

The reduction was designed to make the board more efficient, but some members aren't happy with the change. Eleven members either resigned or declined to run for re-election.

It leaves room for a lot of new faces, but only eleven are from the GOP. That makes it impossible for the party to be in the majority. The election could give both parties equal pull, or give democrats the advantage. Results in districts 5 and 8 will be the determining factors.

Changes aren't only happening with who's on the board. It's happening to the room where it meets monthly. It's getting a makeover to accommodate new seating for members and the public. Construction is supposed to start Wednesday, so it's ready for the first meeting in December.
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