5-year old boy shot

5-year old boy shot

Update: 4:15 pm, 1/20/14, Monday DANVILLE -- A boy is fighting for his life.
Update: 4:15 pm, 1/20/14, Monday
DANVILLE -- A boy is fighting for his life. The child was shot in the 900-block of Belton Street Saturday night.

Police say two boys, 5- and 10-years old, were playing with a loaded gun when it went off. The 5-year old was shot in the face and taken to the hospital.

Nurses notified police about the incident. The 10-year old was not a relative; just a friend who came over to play.

The child was transferred from a Danville Hospital to Carle, in Urbana, where he underwent emergency surgery. He was later airlifted to the St. Louis Children's Hospital Sunday night.

No arrests have been made. The child is reportedly breathing on his own and moving his hands and feet.

The shooting serves as a reminder to parents and caregivers. A child safety advocate suggests keeping an eye on children, especially if they're quiet for a long period of time in a room by themselves. They may be getting into something they're not supposed to.

Also, gun owners are reminded to keep guns unloaded, use safety locks, store in locked containers and keep bullets stored separately.
Original: 6:46 pm, 1/19/14, Sunday
DANVILLE -- A 5-year old boy is fighting for his life after a shooting sent him to the hospital. Investigators say he was at an apartment on Belton Street when he was shot in the upper body.

Police say, "It appears that another juvenile male, 10-years of age, was with the 5-year old and a loaded weapon was being played with."
The shooting was reported to police by hospital staff after the child arrived about 9:30 pm. The child is currently in critical condition. 
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