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Area sheriff declines reelection

MATTOON -- One area sheriff has decided not to seek reelection.
MATTOON -- An area sheriff has decided not to seek reelection. Coles County Sheriff Darrell Cox announced his decision Tuesday.

He sent an e-mail to various news outlets explaining his decision while noting he's exploring other options:
        The time is approaching to elect a citizen to be the sheriff
        of Coles County. After much consideration I have decided
        to not seek a third term as your sheriff. Yesterday, I notified
        the Coles County Republican Party Chair, Tyler Weaver that
        I would not seek re-election.

        I have certainly enjoyed my service of two (2) terms as
        your sheriff and my previous 28 years as a deputy sheriff.
        My time as a law enforcement officer has been a very
        rewarding experience. It was an honor to be elected Sheriff
        of Coles County and I owe a debt of gratitude to the citizens
        of Coles County for allowing me to serve.

        I am looking forward to the time I am no longer a peace
        officer although I may not be terminating my career in public
        life. I am exploring other options in public life and the
        possibility of continuing my public service in another arena.
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