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Car crashes into couple's home

CHAMPAIGN -- A couple awoke to the sound of a car crashing into their home.
CHAMPAIGN -- A couple awoke up to the sound of a car crashing into their home. Joe Gibas said he went outside at 3:30 Sunday morning and saw a gaping hole in his cinder-block wall and a wrecked SUV.

But the driver was nowhere to be found. Gibas said when he and his wife realized the gas valve had been hit they ran across the street and called the police.

"Yeah, that was probably my biggest fear. The house catching on fire and exploding. I've put a lot of time and effort in this house trying to get work done."

The Gibas' say they just remodeled the bathroom on the other side of the wall and are planning to sell it soon. The driver reportedly took off down the street. No word whether he's been caught.
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