Carriage Center changes

Carriage Center changes

CHAMPAIGN -- Big changes are coming to Carriage Center.
CHAMPAIGN -- Big changes are coming to Carriage Center. Two car dealerships are on the move.

Ford City and Illini Nissan are both owned by Worden-Martin, Inc. They're moving to West Marketview Drive by the interstate. It's where the old Best Buy used to be.

Crews already started construction. The move leaves Carriage Center open to new development.

Champaign's City Council says it's a win-win. The dealerships are more visible by the highway, and Carriage Center could help bring in more business.

Both the dealerships and businesses moving into Carriage Center will see some hefty tax breaks; roughly $6 million over 12 years. No word what business may move in, but the CEO of Niemann Foods is expected to make an announcement Tuesday. Niemann Foods is the parent company of County Market Grocery Stores.
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