Coconut Water Energy Drink

Coconut Water Energy Drink

CHAMPAIGN -- This all-natural do-it-yourself energy drink provides more nutrients than many sports drinks.

CHAMPAIGN -- Some people feel that drinking an energy drink before exercise can increase performance, but it can actually be a dangerous mix. One cardiologist decided to test this theory on himself and drank a Monster energy drink before working out. He found that his cardiac function was significantly decreased after 50 minutes of working out and acutely decreased after 90 minutes of exercise. He believed that this was not only caused by the caffeine, but it's interaction with other ingredients as well. 

It is probably best to stick to water and sports drinks to replace fluid and electrolyte loss during intense and prolonged exercise. But what if you could get the same nutrients from an all-natural do-it-yourself drink? 

Maura Kennedy of the Transformation Weight Loss Clinic at Christie Clinic makes an all-natural electrolyte drink that will provide natural energy and it's delicious!

Transformation Weight Loss Clinic:  


 3 cups of coconut water

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of fresh water

1 cup of ice

1/8 teaspoon of sea salt

2 tablespoons natural sugar or honey, to taste


·First we will add 3 cups of coconut water. Coconut water is a great natural source of electrolytes. Sodium enriched coconut water was said to hydrate just as well as a sports drink according to one study.

·Next we will add strawberries, which are an excellent source of potassium, another crucial electrolyte.

·Then we add 1 cup of water and ice.

·A little bit of salt because that is an important electrolyte and some honey for flavor and also it's a simple carbohydrate that will provide you with quick energy.

·We will simply blend all of these ingredients and I will have two cups to pour the finished product in for the hosts to sample.

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